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Wendl's Weapons carries a wide variety of both new and used firearms, from pistols to rifles to shotguns to air rifles to revolvers. We want to provide you with high-quality guns, but we also value the safety of our customers and believe it is important for you to know about the products you buy. Our blog is a place to talk about the unique aspects of products that we offer as well as a place to showcase various events that we host or participate in and to offer tips for gun owners, hunters, and others. Read on to learn more about guns in our inventory, local events, and to find information on hunting and other topics related to firearms.


urban deer huntUrban Deer Management Hunts in Iowa

01/30/2017: After several years of increasing deer numbers and the problems those numbers caused for crops and natural vegetation, the first deer management hunt was conducted in Guthrie County at the Springbrook State Park.  The Iowa Department of Natural Resources implemented an intensive study on the impact of the deer herds... READ MORE 


prepare for deer hunting iowaPrepare for The 2016-2017 Iowa Deer Hunting Season

10/25/2016: We are nearing the end of the early muzzleloader season (October 15-23) and are still several weeks away from the beginning of the Iowa 2016-2017 deer hunting season - shotgun seasons start December 3 and muzzleloader starts December 19. However, there are still a lot of things that can be done to keep Iowa hunters busy... READ MORE


raccoon hunting iowaIowa Coon Hunting 2016-2017

10/24/2016: When people think of hunting, they most often associate it with deer or turkeys. However, there are a lot of other animals that hunters in Iowa deem worthwhile quarry. Although the early muzzleloader deer hunting dates have almost passed (October 15-23) and the later deer season is still a ways off... READ MORE


iowa firearms silencersWhy Use a Suppressor?

10/20/2016: Less than a week ago, Wendl's Weapons held our first Suppressor Demo Day. In honor of this event, we want to spend some time talking about how suppressors (or silencers) work and why you might consider using one. Suppressors are, in short, devices attached to a firearm that are used to reduce sound and visible muzzle flash... READ MORE


Iowa Weapons Permits

11/23/2016: In 2011, Iowa became a Shall Issue state. Iowa issues Non-Professional Weapon Permits to residents and non-residents. Iowa Professional Weapon Permits are issued to residents and non-residents that are employed by a private security business or private investigation business.   In addition, if you are a peace officer... READ MORE


NFA, weapons, machine guns Class 3 Weapons and Title II

11/28/2016: You may have seen the terms "Class 3" and "Title II" used on our site and in the store at Wendl's Weapons and wondered just what they meant, exactly. These are firearms that are restricted by the National Firearms Act (NFA). Title I firearms include rifles and shotguns, handguns, silencers and firearm frames and... READ MORE

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