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Iowa Concealed Carry

Iowa Concealed Carry Permit Information

In 2011, Iowa became a "Shall Issue" state: which means that we now issue Non-Professional Weapon Permits to residents and non-residents that are employed by a private security business or private investigation business. If you are a peace officer, a bank messenger, correctional officer, or security guard, you are eligable for a permit. The Non-Professional Weapon Permits are issued by the Sheriff of your county, whereas the Professional Weapon Permits are issued by the Department of Public Safety.


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Just like a regular gun permit, the concealed carry permits require a background check. A National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NCIS) submission is made, along with a request for the record of any juvenile felony arrests from the Clerk of District Court. The Non-Professional Weapon Permits are good for five years and the Professional Weapon Permits are good for one year. It takes about 30 days for new Iowa Weapon Permit applications to be processed. The permit fees are $25 for a renewal and $50 for a new permit.


If you are applying for a Non-Professional permit, you have to be at least 21, the Professional Permit requires you to be at least 18. Along with the age requirements, there are other things you must complete before being issued a permit. You must complete a handgun safety training course offered by the NRA or while serving with the armed forces. You can also take courses through law enforcement agencies, firearms training schools, community colleges and other certifying bodies, such as the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy.


If you have an Iowa Weapon Permit you are allowed to legally possess a loaded firearm in your vehicle. If you do not have a permit, you may have an unloaded gun in your vehicle and it must be in a closed container that is not easy to access from the passenger compartment. 


There are some locations that you are not allowed to carry your firearm. These locations include, but are not limited to, public or private schools, public parks, casinos, state buildings located on the capitol complex, Iowa State Fairgrounds, state universities and other locations. There are exceptions, so make sure you read the law or contact local law enforcement if you have any questions. Your permit becomes invalid if you are intoxicated, but there is no prohibition on carrying a gun in an establishment that serves alcohol.

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Here are some links that may be useful to you. Also feel free to contact Wendl's Weapons for more information. If on the off chance that we don't know the answer, we will do our best to find out for you.


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