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Why Use a Suppressor?

Less than a week ago was Wendl's Weapons' first Suppressor Demo Day. In honor of this event, we want to spend some time talking about how suppressors (or silencers) work and why you might consider using one. 


Suppressors are, in short, devices attached to a firearm and are used to reduce sound and visible muzzle flash when the gun is fired. These devices attach to the barrel of the gun and typically consist of a metal cylinder with internal components that reduce the noise generated by firing by slowing down the escape of propellant gas. This can significantly reduce the noise of the bullet, as seen on Suppressor Demo Day (see our Facebook page for details). In addition to muffling the noise of the shot, suppressors can also increase the bullet speed by a slight amount. 

Advantages of Using Suppressors

While it is legal to buy a silencer in Iowa, there is extensive paperwork required, including a background check. The entire process can take up to six months, as the background check alone might take six weeks to four months. 


If you do decide that you want to purchase a suppressor for your gun, you can look forward to the following advantages:


  • Reduced Safety Hazards: Because suppressors muffle the noise of a firearm by 14-45 decibels, they can save your hearing from permanent damage. This noise reduction prevents high-frequency hearing loss and related conditions, such as tinnitus. This is especially true in cases of home defense - firing a gun inside your home to defend yourself can result in serious hearing loss since the sound waves rebound to your ears in the close quarters. Suppressors can reduce this risk and leave you without damage to your ears should you have to fire your gun indoors to defend yourself.
  • wendl's weapons iowa suppressor day demoEasier Firing: Not only do suppressors reduce the noise produced when the gun is fired, but they also reduce the kickback. This makes can make it easier to fire the gun, especially for novice shooters.
  • Reduced Noise Complaints: If you shoot regularly, even on your own property, you have probably had neighbors complain about the noise. Even if no one complains, the noise from firearms can aggravate and scare nearby dogs, provoking a barking match. Suppressors reduce this noise to result in happier neighbors, fewer complaints, and quieter dogs throughout the neighborhood.
  • Easier, More Ethical Hunting: Hunting on property nearby the homes of others can quickly irritate the inhabitants of those homes. The loud noise also scares off other game. Suppressors lower this noise so that nearby game is not alerted or spooked, saves the hearing of the hunters, and leaves nearby residents at ease.
  • Better Accuracy: Because silencers also reduce recoil by countering gas pressure, they result in an easier shooting experience. No one who shoots, even experienced shooters, is immune to the effects of recoil. Guns with suppressors attached are easier to shoot and thus result in higher accuracy. 

For those who do want to attempt the process of purchasing a suppressor in Iowa, Wendl's Weapons offers several different models as well as a range of different guns to use with them. Contact us for more information on buying a silencer or to learn about events like our Suppressor Demo Day.


Posted: 10/20/2016

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